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Gelato, Affogato-Style

There's no dessert that's simpler to prepare than the gelato affogato. In essence – it's simply the gelato or ice cream flavor of your choice affogato (drowned) in a liquid. Chocolate sauce is a nice choice, but espresso or coffee is the most traditional way to go. Here are some tips to prepare one to perfection at home.

Gelato Affogato Basics


The gelato or ice cream can be whatever flavor you wish, but don't skimp on quality – the better the gelato, the better the end result.

Espresso or coffee is the most traditional liquid for “drowning” the ice cream scoop, though you can opt for denser sauces like those made from chocolate or caramel. The liquid shouldn't be added when it's piping hot, otherwise, the gelato will melt completely. Let it cool and don't pour over the gelato until it's lukewarm. Serve the gelato affogato in a high cup, like a milkshake glass, or crystal glass with a long-necked spoon. To ensure you don't leave anything at the bottom of the glass, you can keep a straw on hand for good measure.

Another option is to soak fruit, such as cherries or berries, in syrup or alcohol, such as rum (which is excellent with dark chocolate), or brandy.

How to create your affogato with ice cream


After you've selected the flavor (or flavors), simply scoop them into the cup or glass, alternating flavors.

Next, pour in the (lukewarm) liquid. Ensure that it doesn't completely cover the ice cream but that there's enough to flavor and add a bit of color. If you feel like taking it to another level, finish with some whipped cream.

If you want to add toppings, it's best to avoid adding crunchy ingredients like nuts or crushed cookies. Instead, add something with a softer texture such as small pieces of cocoa or vanilla cake or even some meringue.

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