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Italian Coffee

Italians are well known for their special attention to the preparation, the selection of the blends, and the use of accessories when creating many types of coffees. The variety of Coffee types in Italy is enormous and, while about 20 typologies of coffee are popular all over the whole Italian territory, many regional varieties do exist.
Among the most popular Italian Coffees we find the standard Espresso, the Ristretto (a shorter Espresso), the Double Espresso, the Macchiato (Espresso stained with milk), the Cappuccino (Espresso with whipped milk foam), the Caffelatte (Coffee and Milk in similar quantities).

Italian coffee is famous because of its coffee roasters. Roasting consists in subjecting the coffee beans to high temperatures which cause them to dehydrate and oxidise, during this process the coffee increases in volume and becomes very light. Roasting is an art, the taste that coffee will have is determined precisely by the level of cooking to which the beans are subjected, therefore the different degrees of roasting represent their signature on the final product for companies. In addition, roasting companies (coffee brands) are able to conquer a slice of the market thanks to the skilful roasting of the coffee and the blends that they manage to compose, this makes the products of each roasting unique and inimitable.
As part of the IICCI initiative Italian Gourmet, the following brands are available in India:

  • Caffe Trucillo (imported by Fine Foods): check product list here

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