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Festa Italiana

The flagship event was produced and organized by the IICCI to promote Italy’s unique brands, know-how, and lifestyle in India.

Festa Italiana brings together under one umbrella selected Italian brands available in India and responds to the recurring demand to promote the best offerings of Italy in the country.

Festa Italiana will showcase to an exclusive selection of guests, the finest Italian brands of fashion, food, furniture & design, technology, engineering and know-how.

The promotion of Italian brands is at the heart of the Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry: since 2002, we have acted as a common platform giving an impetus and support to many Italian industrial players to make their foray in the Indian market.

Festa Italiana Gallery

Festa Italiana 2023
25th November at Mahalakshmi Race Course Mumbai. 

Festa Italiana 2023
1st December at DLF Emporio Mall, Delhi

Festa Italiana 2018

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