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Casa Artusi: the gastronomic culture center dedicated to Italian domestic cuisine

Since 2007, Casa Artusi has welcomed enthusiasts, curious, housewives, professionals, connoisseurs, academics, and anyone else interested in learning more about the culture of the Artusi community while experiencing real-world family food.

Know more about the philosophy of the project and cooking

The Casa Artusi operation was born in the name of home cooking inspired by the spirit and model of Science in the Kitchen. Casa Artusi pursues objectives to promote the figure and work of Pellegrino Artusi, through the research contribution of the Scientific Committee and educational activities in cooking school. The Foundation acts as an instrument of promotion and territorial marketing through which to carry out non-profit, activities aimed at the development of cultural food and wine tourism in the area, through the dissemination of Artusi's gastronomic culture nationally and internationally

Home Kitchen Decalogue by Pellegrino Artusi

massimo bottura kitchen book

1. Respect natural ingredients

2. Use quality ingredients

3. Use seasonal ingredients

4. Be simple

5. Put passion be careful and precise

6. Practice patience

7. Vary but respect the land and seasonality

8. If you do vary do so with simplicity and taste: all dishes can be conditioned in various ways according to the whim of those who manipulate them; but by modifying them at will, however, one must never lose sight of the simple, the delicate and the pleasant taste, so the whole matter lies in the good taste of those who prepare them

9. Value poor cuisine

10. Be wary of cookbooks: Be wary of books dealing with this art: they are most of them fallacious or incomprehensible... At the very most you will be able to draw some useful

notions when you know the art.

Learn to love cooking through Casa Artusi School!

artusi kitchen cooking school

Animated, and lived, the School is based on sharing, which is the very essence of the Casa Artusi courses. People in the kitchen meet, get to know each other, and experience personal memories and new flavors.


During the month, 3 courses on different types of discipline are organized to enable students to broaden their knowledge through theoretical and practical cooking.

For example, in this month of November, three courses are scheduled: A basic pastry course for enthusiasts with the main recipes of the Italian confectionery tradition (Nov. 4); An in-depth course with a cultural introduction to the role of pasta and soups in Pellegrino Artusi's manual followed by practical experience. Two consecutive evenings dedicated to Sfoglia, fresh egg pasta rolled out with a rolling pin myth and ritual of the Via Emilia. (Nov. 20 and 21); and finally, a practical cooking class 'in Artusi's fashion' with fish from the sea of Romagna (Nov. 24)

Team building activities:

They also organize team-building activities for companies because they claim there is no better way than the cooking experience to train and motivate the corporate team, to make a team more cohesive, complicit, and productive, or to celebrate, reward, and strengthen relationships with one of your clients Casa Artusi offers consultancy for the creation and organization of ad hoc events among our proposals:

  1. Romagna training: Fresh pasta or piadina romagnola course divided into two teams and in pairs at the workstation

  2. Mystery training: You are divided into 6 teams of 3 or 4 people. Each team will find a box with different ingredients in their row and will have to choose a dish to prepare while having 1 help make the dish from one of their Kitchen Masters.

  3. Pressure training: Each group will have to prepare the recipe they have drawn from the indicated menu working precisely as a team. It becomes essential here the work of the individual for the success of their team's dish and at the same time as in a puzzle the work of the other team members for the success of the entire menu.

Customized courses:

Customized courses are designed for those who want to indulge in a private moment in the kitchen just for themselves or in the company of a loved one. From hands-on moments followed by tastings and gastronomic pampering to more locally related courses on fresh pasta, piadina and crescioni (made with the same dough used for the piadina, but they are filled with different ingredients). They are experiences with attention to detail to please you and to make you feel as welcome in our School as if you were in your own home kitchen.


Forlimpopoli (Italy):

The high quality of raw materials, the search for gastronomic excellence, respect for the seasonality of products, and their environmental sustainability are the basis of the recipes served. It stays in fact coherent with the domestic kitchen and lets you taste the most

artusi restaurant

authentic Italian plates. Strong is the link with the territory and tradition, so much so that all fresh pasta is handmade and rigorously rolled out with a rolling pin, and typical recipes are enhanced.

The restaurant has four rooms split across two stories that can hold 90 to 120 people each, with tasteful decor and a warm, inviting ambiance. A considerable wine list featuring suggestions from Emilia Romagna, Europe and Italy, with a focus on natural wines.

New Delhi (India):

You can also find an Artusi restaurant in New Delhi, renowned for being the best Italian

restaurant in India. You can savor the traditional flavors of Romanian land, each bite taking you back to your Italian roots. The location is very authentic, with soft lighting and an elegance that you can hardly find elsewhere.

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