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Drinking wine, the Italian way

Italy is the world’s largest producer of wine and has a 4000-year-old history of wine

production. Italy’s long shoreline and hilly and mountainous terrain provide the ideal

climate conditions for growing grapes of exceptional taste and quality, across all its


Group of females enjoying Italian wines

Wines in Italy are distinguished by their region, as every region in the

country produces its own wine, and the difference in terrain and climate gives each

region’s wine an entirely different flavour profile. A Chardonnay produced in

Piedmont and another produced in Lombardy can be very different. Wine may be

considered a luxury drink in other places but in Italy, people from all walks of life

enjoy wine, with a large variety of wines to choose from, it remains an accessible

and democratic drink in Italy. Here are three ways, one can drink wine like an Italian.

Wine and Food: Italians usually drink wine with every meal, so pairing the right wine

with the right food is very important to them. Even in restaurants in Italy, the wine is

chosen after selecting from the food menu, and even if it may not be a full meal,

people still have some olives or some bruschetta to have with wine.

Glassware: Where there is wine, there are proper glasses for it on the table, as

simple as that. There is an etiquette for drinking wine in Italy, and stemware is a

crucial aspect of it.

Take your time: This is the most important thing, for Italians wine is meant to be

drunk slowly, and not rushed. Wine is not for the sake of intoxication, but rather

something that a person takes time to savour, and understand the flavours and smell.

Take some time, let the flavours linger and efficiently taste the wine.

These three ways tell us that Italians take their wine very seriously, it is a practice

that provides a familiar comfort for people. Whether you choose to drink a glass

alone, or share a bottle amongst friends, sit down, relax and let that glass of wine

enhance your experience of the dolce vita!

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