Covid19 - Helpdesk

As the second wave of Covid19 hits India with unprecedented force, the IICCI continues giving support and assistance to its members, provides updates on the latest data available, and provides guidance to all the companies, individuals, and organizations willing to contribute and provide medical support to the needy.

For additional information about medical assistance, details about medical supplies, and to know more about donating to IICCI's Humanitarian Aid relief, you can write to us at covid19helpdesk@indiaitaly.com 

IICCI's APPEAL for HUMANITARIAN AID to the Sub District Hospital in Baramati, Pune, Maharashtra

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The Sub District Hospital in Baramati, Pune, Maharashtra, is one of the many hospitals in India that had overstretched their capacity, both in terms of available beds, medical staff, medicines, and equipment. While there were 100 beds available, 20 to 25 patients would have to wait for ventilator beds every day! The IICCI had selected this project that deserved our members and the Indo-Italian business community's support.