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Maccaferri India's CSR Initiative 'Breath Easy' towards COVID care

The current time of pandemic has been an opportunity for the nation to come together to WIN against Covid 19. Resilient Leadership led by compassion has paved the way for humanity, adaptability to the new normal, and contributions to overcome this pandemic time.

Maccaferri’s commitment to the cause stands undeterred for the nation and their 'Count on Us' team has launched multiple initiatives both internal and external to support the urgent needs of the country’s healthcare system and the frontline workers who have been working tirelessly to combat the threat and impact of the coronavirus.

"We are humbled to have been given an opportunity to partner with the Gurgaon Administration and provide healthy meals for doctors and healthcare practitioners across the city’s make-shift hospitals in this peak of Covid rising cases."

Their ‘Breath Easy’ campaign launched in May 2021 to extend support to the general public by offering oxygen concentrators to patients in home isolation and with low oxygen saturation levels. Under this life-saving initiative, Maccaferri has invested in multiple oxygen concentrators which are being dispatched to Pan India to people in need and are free of any charges. Even if you save 1 life, it makes a big difference.

Emergency medical kits have been distributed to all their team members, staff at project sites, and to their key customers. Additionally, Maccaferri is proactively helping COVID-affected families with the dignified last rites of their loved ones.

Maccaferri as a responsible company stands committed and firmly with the country against this continuous fight against COVID-19.


Credit: Maccaferri India

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