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Tourism: Jelinic (Enit), 'In India there is Love for Italy '

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Rome, 5 Dec. (Adnkronos) - "There is an unexplored potential, the legacy of a historical bond between the two countries, expanded in recent years also thanks to the symbiotic work between the Enit headquarters in India and the Italian Embassy in New Delhi. With Ambassador De Luca we are addressing important issues for the tourism industry and beyond. In India there is a desire for Italian tourism, a market that is growing rapidly". This was stated in a note by the CEO of Enit, Ivana Jelinic who today met the Italian ambassador in New Delhi to develop tourism synergies between Italy and India. "High-end tourism is growing year after year, there is a very strong demand and it is the intention of Enit, the Italian Embassy in New Delhi and the Italian Chamber of Commerce in India to work together to encourage Italian supply and demand in Southeast Asia. Especially at a time when the Russian and Chinese markets are lacking, India represents an unmissable market for Italy", comments Jelinic.

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