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Handing over the Second Batch of Medical Equipment's as part of IICCI's HUMANITARIAN AID

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

As part of the IICCI Covid-19 Helpdesk, we are again happy to inform you that the 2nd batch of Medical Equipment's: Ventilator and Multi Para Monitors were handed over at the Silver Jubilee Hospital (Government Hospital) in Baramati, Pune, Maharashtra on Monday, August 16, 2021.

The ( IICCI ) Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry extended their support to Silver Jubilee Hospital with some essential medical aid having earlier provided Syringe Pumps which were the immediate requirement in June 2021.

We have collected some funds generously and have donated one pediatric Ventilator, Four multi para monitors, four syringe pumps through Social Responsibility (NGO) with the help of our Business Associates, members, and their staff who have generously contributed to this project: Brembo Brake India, Coim India, Istituto Marangoni Mumbai Fashion Centre, Kerakoll India, Rilievi India as well as individual donations from Mr. Jayakrishnan Nambiar, Mr. Ramanna Anand and the staff of Codognotto Logistics India.

They were handed over as medical aid to Dr. Sadanand Kale (Medical Superintendent SDH ) of at Baramati in presence of Mr. Umesh Dugani Plant Head Ferrero India Pvt Ltd, Mr. Vijay Warudkar President of Social Responsibility NGO, Mr Yogesh Mukadam HR Ferrero India Pvt. Ltd, and Sagar Patil, Chetan Marathe team from Social Responsibility.

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The recent initiative by the IICCI to hand over the second batch of medical equipment as part of their humanitarian aid effort is a significant step towards enhancing healthcare accessibility, particularly for those in dire need of hospice care, like the services provided by LifeChoice Hospice and mylifechoice. These organizations play a crucial role in supporting individuals with serious illnesses, ensuring their remaining time is spent in comfort, managing pain and disease symptoms effectively. This donation not only amplifies the capacity to deliver compassionate care but also aligns with the broader mission of improving quality of life for patients with a prognosis of six months or less. Such contributions are pivotal in bridging the gap in healthcare resources, allowing for…

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