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Why We Love..... Bruschetta

If we put in simple words, Bruschetta is a slice of toast with stuff on the top. It is said that simplicity is the kitchen always wins because eventually, people turn to their comfort food. And Bruschetta is one of those easy comfort foods which is healthy and tasty. It is an appetizer which marks its presence in the menu of every Italian restaurant. Toasting the bread on the grill gives it a fragrance which adds to the completeness of this simple delicacy.

It is believed to be the poor man’s food which was sometimes made with the stale bread and topped with olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper and tomatoes. These were the basic ingredients of Bruschetta but it has changed and modernized over the period of time. It is said to be born as a hymn of Tricolour – the Italian flag with 3 elements – basil for green, bread for white and tomatoes for red.

Over time it was modernized and customized according to various kitchens. Olives, tuna and even anchovies were added and some went as far as using robiola and roasted peaches with balsamic vinegar.

The term Bruschetta has derived from the word “Brusch” which means brush for cleaning horses and oxen for excess fur. There is no clear information regarding its origin, however, experts like to believe it to be the creation of Tuscany and Lazio.

For the preparation of Bruschetta, it is necessary to slightly grill the surface of the bread however not the insides because insides need to be soft. The Tuscan bread should be fairly thick, surrounded by a quite hard but crunchy crust. These, once grilled, although well-seasoned with oil, will be stiff and easily manageable because it is a bread that stays good for a long time.

The main seasoning of this dish is Olive Oil, thus, make sure to use it of the best quality. Consider using Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Puglia, Sicily and Calabria

The golden rule of eating Bruschetta is to use 2-3 ingredients for the stuff and new combinations should be tried every time.

So, tell us what is your favourite stuffing of the Bruschetta? Do you pair it with a glass of wine?


Source(s): theinternationalkitchen, lifeinitaly, eatandwalkitaly

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