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What You Ought To Know About White Brut Sparkling Wine

White Brut Sparkling Wine by Tenuta I Gelsi is made with Charmat method in an autoclave with frequent unrest favouring the release of noble substances by yeasts. With a straw yellow colour with greenish hues, it is one of those rare white blends whose nose reveals a delicate hint of citrus and yellow fruit. It is soft on the palate and tastes fresh. This white sparkling wine can be paired with Shellfish, Crab and Lobster.

White Brut Sparkling Wine is one of the most complicated and technical wines in the world because it undergoes two fermentations to make bubbles.

There are 3 styles with which white sparkling wine is produced

· Dry, Lean & Zesty

· Light, Dry, Fruity & Floral

· Sweet & Perfume

Bianco Brut Sparkling Wine is light, dry, fruity and floral. Taking into consideration the company – Tenuta I Gelsi was started in 2003 to enhance the family’s viticulture heritage for the beauty of its nature and landscapes. The name has a history behind it. It is derived from centuries-old mulberries plants (in Italian “Gelsi”) that run along the estate entrance path, planted for the collection of the fruits.

It is located in the Rionero in Vulture, in the province of Potenza, Monticchio Bagni area, close to the famous volcanic lakes and the springs where some of the most appreciated Italian mineral and oligomineral waters originate. Ruggiero Potito, along with his family, settled here because he firmly believed in the power of his land to give incredibly precious fruits. He has been giving passionately to this vineyard, since his teenage years, giving birth to the company whose main purpose is to properly value this great and ancient viticulture.


Source: Tenutaigelsi

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