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What Is Strega Liqueur?

Strega is an Italian word for "witch" and the liquor is sometimes referred to as the "witch's liqueur." Strega has been processed in Benevento, Italy since 1860. It was first concocted by Giuseppe Alberti in Benevento, Campania in 1860. Strega gets its name from the Italian word for “witch” which is a nod to the ancient legends associated with the drink.

Strega liqueur is a herbal Italian liquor with a unique flavour and a distinctive bright yellow color. Strega’s exact ingredients are a closely guarded secret. However, we do know that 70 different herbs and spices make their way into this classic digestif: cinnamon, iris, juniper, mint, saffron, and more. It’s the saffron which gives Strega its characteristic yellow hue. Strega is as boozy as most spirits on the market.

Saffron is the key to Strega's signature yellow color. Mint and juniper are the most pronounced flavors within the herbal mixture. After distillation and before being bottled and released, Strega is aged in ash barrels for a long period of time to allow the various flavors and aromas to blend together. At 40 percent ABV, Strega is as boozy as most spirits on the market.

The liquor often makes an appearance in pop culture. It is frequently the drink of choice for Italian characters in movies, TV, and literature. Strega is also known for stunning, artistic posters and advertising campaigns.

Strega is sweet but has a soft, light body. The flavor is dominated by mint and juniper with hints of anise and fennel popping out of the herbal bouquet. Some bartenders use it as a substitute for yellow Chartreuse while others enjoy experimenting with the liquor to create their own unique potations.

Credit: Seattle Magazine

The growing interest in dabbling with new flavours, the drink remains massively popular in native Italy. We’re seeing Strega bottles being conjured into bars from coast to coast. Enjoy it in a cocktail or drink it the Italian way, at the end of a meal. Strega is a bewitching liquor of great nuance and flavor. It is a promise to leave you utterly spellbound.

A very popular liquor in Italy, it's enjoyed on its own or in cocktails and has dedicated fans throughout the world.


Source(s): Blacklabel, Spruceeats

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Nicholson Percy
Nicholson Percy
2 days ago

Despite the increased interest in experimenting with various flavors, the beverage continues to enjoy enormous popularity in space bar clicker home country of Italy.

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