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What is Panettone?

This simple Panettone cake, originally an Italian Christmas bread cake with loads of texture and raisins and candied orange, is so good and full of flavours you'll want to eat it all year.

What is it?

The Panettone cake is essentially a sweet bread baked in a spherical pan, giving it a fluffy, lighter-than-air quality. There are many versions of the basic recipe, some of which include plain cake, chocolate, or other candied fruits, and are typically served with hot beverages or wine. To make it even more "Italian," some people add a drop of mascarpone cheese.


The recipe dates all the way back to the Renaissance. We generally take bread for granted, but wheat was a valuable commodity during this period. Because there was so little of it, it was only used on exceptional occasions. One of those occasions was Christmas. Panettone was introduced to the scene in 1839, and the tradition of preparing bread around the holidays began there.

Panettone was described as a type of bread decorated with butter, eggs, sugar, and raisins or sultanas in the Italian-Milanese dictionary in 1839. The name comes from an Italian word "panetto" that means "little loaf cake.


A young cook's helper created a quick sweet bread to serve at court for Christmas, according to one legend. The bread was dubbed "Pan de Toni" (Toni's bread, after the helper) by the crowd.

According to another version, a Milanese aristocrat fell in love with Toni, the daughter of a poor baker. He pretended to be a baker and made a buttery, sweet bread with raisins, eggs, and candied peel. He pushed for the commercialisation of this sweet bread known as "Pan de Toni."

Wouldn’t you try this delicious cake this Christmas? Follow us for a delectable Panettone recipe!


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