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Urbani - Six Generations Dedicated To Truffles With Love And Passion

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Urbani Truffles, an international division of Urbani Tartufi, has long been a landmark in the field of truffles, mushrooms and truffle products on the world markets.

The story of Urbani Truffles started with Constantine Urbani in 1852, he began exporting fresh truffles from Italy to France which ultimately created the Urbani business that has been growing ever since. Exports quickly expanded to other countries such as Germany, Switzerland and other regions of Italy. Urbani Mushrooms, a group division dedicated to the marketing and sales of dried and frozen porcini mushrooms, offers a fine selection of products to customers who seek high-quality products, in a type of packaging that enhances the image and guarantees maximum freshness.

Urbani Dried Porcini Mushrooms

Urbani's Porcini Mushrooms are still dried in the old traditional Italian way. Packed in an elegant bag you can first appreciate the size and quality of these mushrooms and later appreciate their unique flavour in cooking.

Truffle Summer Black Whole

Summer truffles are now known and appreciated all over the world. Picking season goes from May to September. Summer truffles are usually found in limestone terrains, oakwoods and pinewoods. Classic summer truffle sauce is made by adding the grated summer truffles to warm olive oil (warm but not boiling), a touch of garlic, salt and pepper. This sauce is used on bruschettas, spaghetti, meat, fish or you can slice on a salad to create a very special dish.

Truffle Porcini Mushroom Cream

Truffles and Porcini are a classic: now you can taste this delicious combination in a few easy steps! Add the sauce to your risotto or tagliatelle and your gourmet speciality food is ready to serve. Perfect for entrees: Warm up the sauce in a pan over low temperature, spread on toasted bread and serve. Special for Pasta: Warm up the sauce in a pan over low temperature and simply add it to your favorite pasta. Delicious on meat or fish: Warm up the sauce in a pan over low temperature and drizzle it over your preference of boiled or grilled meat or fish.

White Truffle Oil

All the charm of a prestigious aroma is contained in white truffle oil. Through the natural use of the white truffle - Tuber Magnatum Pico - olive oil gains an intense and unique fragrance: pasta or rice become incomparable and on every kind of meat and fish a few drops of truffle olive-oil will give the final touch to an unforgettable dish. The main characteristic which distinguishes Urbani infused oils from the other oils in the market is that in time, the aroma will remain firm and equally intense without loosing its scent.

Black Truffle Oil

Winter black truffle, the renowned Tuber Melanosporum Vitt, gives this oil the peculiarity of a known and unmistakable fragrance. It's ideal on spaghetti, for meat and also for nice and simple toasted bread, it's a priceless substitute to the real black truffle used in all the typical recipes, especially for salads.

Stainless Steel Truffle Slicer (Made In Italy with Stainless Steel)

PROFESSIONAL SHAVE, SLICE, & GLIDE YOUR TRUFFLES TO PERFECTION - Comes with a thick, razor-sharp blade to mightily cut to perfection every truffle

ADJUST YOUR WAY TO PRECISION - The slicer comes with easily adjustable blades, so feather-lite or thick juicy shavings, are yours to choose from with just the twist of a screw


DISHWASHER SAFE - makes it very easy to clean

Source: Urbani Truffles


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