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Try these Tricolor combinations for a Fun Republic Day Menu

As India celebrates its 72nd Republic Day, The Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry wish our patrons, partners and followers a very Happy Republic Day!

Here’s to hope for the coming year!


Try these tricolour combinations for a Fun Republic Day Menu


Winter Classic Gaajar ka Halwa, with Spinach ricotta and Paratha

A holiday is a perfect opportunity for those of us who love to spend time in the kitchen to go all out and cook our favourite dishes. So why not make a classic winter favourite, gaajar ka halwa, and try it with a little bit of Indo-Italian fusion on your classic palak paneer. Use Zanetti’s Ricotta cheese instead of palak and experience a completely different flavour. One could also infuse pesto into the paratha dough for a colourful delight!

Tricolour Dishes with Combination Sauces

Cook your pasta in pesto, arrabbiata and alfredo sauce, and try your hand at artsy plating for your colourful pasta! If you’re feeling creative, you could even try beetroot sauce or steep your rice in blue pea flower leaves for naturally blue risotto.

Tricolor Caprese Salad

Get creative with your Caprese salad, and make it using cherry tomatoes, Madama Oliva Tagiasca olives, bocconcini cheese or mozzarella or even feta. Top it with pesto sauce or Due Vittorie Balsamic glaze for the WOW factor.

Set up a Tricolour Charcuterie Board

Who doesn’t love an easy fix charcuterie board? Set up your charcuterie board with orange carrots slices, celery, zucchini, green olives from Madama Oliva, creamy cheeses like mascarpone and ricotta, and some classic cheeses like Pecorino Romano, Gran Spicco, and Fontina from Zanetti cheeses.

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