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When travelling to Italy, you should never deprive your taste buds of delicious food. Here you can experience the best of old-world eating, traditional specialities and dishes that are unique in comparison to many other foods.


Here, we have selected 6 must-eat foods


Pizza Margherita

Of course, you should eat pizza! Each family-owned business features its special sauce, basil and mozzarella cheese. The exquisite ingredient combinations will make you believe that every kind of pizza should be created. For more information about authentic Pizza read our articleAll there is to know about Italian pizza: the history, the eulogy and the toppings”.

Italian “Gelato”

Making Italian ice cream is an art, so much so that Italians distinguish the difference between artisan ice cream and commercial ice cream. It can be eaten in a cone or a cup, either way, the experience is bliss. Italian ice cream is denser and has a milkier texture than the way ice cream is made in other countries.

Credit: Go today


The most famous risotto recipe is risotto alla Milanese, which is a risotto flavored with saffron. Risotto with truffles is also considered an exquisite delight. If you are in Venice you must try risotto Vialone nano which is a kind of rice that has a more robust flavor.


Ravioli are the most common type of stuffed pasta in Italy, and is available in the most variety! The most popular type of ravioli is stuffed with ricotta and spinach, which is perfect for vegetarians when they travel or for those who do not like to eat meat.


If you love thin slices of cured meat, prosciutto is an Italian favorite. This special variety of prosciutto is made with raw ham. It’s very savory and it dates back to the Roman era. Try prosciutto wrapped around melon slices or with cheese.


Last but not least: Italian coffee, aka, espresso. Italian espresso is considered a cultural phenomenon and is loved worldwide. If you are a milk lover you can order a cappuccino and still get the taste of coffee mixed with the milk foam, and if you like, a little bit of cocoa powder.


Courtesy: italian-feelings

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