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Things Only Experts Know About Wines In Puglia, Italy

Puglia which is known as Apulia to some is Italy's second-largest wine-producing region. The rich fertile soil and beautiful climate makes it the perfect region to grow grapes. Puglia has a hot and dry climate but it is compensated with the cool sea breeze which makes wine strong and expressive. Puglia’s wine concentration region is the Salento region at the heel of Italy’s boot.

If you are a lover of quality wine, then you must keep an eye on this region. People here take time in creating quality wine which you will not get anywhere else.

If you are into fruit wine or Rose wine, then look no further than Puglia because Puglia’s red wine is full-bodied and will pair well with a wide variety of foods.

The three viticultural areas of Puglia which correspond neatly to its administrative provinces are Foggia in the north, Bari and Taranto in the middle and Brindisi and Lecce in the south.


The Negroamaro literally means "Black Bitter" in the Italian language which represents the type of grapes. These grapes are dark in colour and the wines made up of these grapes are bitter in taste. The grape is well perfectly suited to Puglia's climate with its thick skins and drought-resistant nature. Many of the Apulian rosés are typically made from Negroamaro.

The wine profile is ruby violet in colour with the aroma of red cherry, tobacco, and liquorice. One must prefer this wine at least between 3-7 years old but if it’s 10 years or older then it’s even better. One can savour its taste at room temperature, but a slight chill is also pleasantly refreshing.

Food Pairing: It can be paired with lamb, grilled tuna, red sauces, spicy antipasti


Primitivo in Italian means “Early Ripening” which means it’s a typically early harvested grape in August. It is the same grape as California Zinfandel. The grape is sensitive to drought, high temperature and frost. Primitivo is preferred for its high alcohol content because it has naturally high sugar content. The wine profile of Primitivo says it is sour and has the aroma of black cherry as well as raspberries

Food Pairing: It can be paired with grilled meat and poultry, sausage, red sauce, strong cheeses


Even though Puglia is famous for its red wine, one cannot ignore its beautiful white wines, one of which is Verdeca. Verdeca is a neutral flavoured white grape grown in Puglia and was commonly used in vermouth production. It is easy to drink with notes of citrus, pineapple, and bergamot. The wine profile of Verdeca is yellow straw-coloured with the hue of green. One has to have it young due to its acidity.

Food Pairing: This wine can be paired with clams, calamari, meat pastries, and light cheeses.

Nero di Troia

The Nero di Troia is a black coloured grape which has its home in the Northern part of Puglia – Foggia and Bari. It ripens late and has 2 growing styles - large berry, a tight cluster which is suitable for high yields, and small berry, a loose cluster which is suited for high quality. The grape with high astringency makes it common in red blends of wine.

Food Pairing: It can be paired with foods such as fava beans and chicory, rabbit ragu, and grilled chicken.

Puglian wine pairs perfectly with various kinds of delicacies such as Fresh vegetables such as fava beans, eggplants, bell peppers, fruity tomatoes, and peppery olive oil. Stuffed aubergines, lamb and pea stew, and orecchiette pasta with turnip greens are a few examples which can be taken with Reds and Whites both.


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