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The Rise Of Covid-Related Claims On Italian Food Labels

The Covid-19 pandemic enters by force on food labels, and it does so in the form of health claims. The new edition of the “Osservatorio Immagino GS1 Italy” by Nielsen research firm tells about the effects of the pandemic on the world of Italian consumer goods. On one hand by monitoring the evolution of claims and voluntary information on packaging, and on the other hand by linking products to sales channelled by supermarkets and hypermarkets.

In its latest survey, Osservatorio Immagino has built two baskets. The first one in the food sector and the other in the non-food sector. In each one Nielsen has collected the products with at least one claim on the label that can be linked to new requirements dictated by the current health emergency. Among these:

The effectiveness in removing germs and bacteria

The ability to strengthen the immune system

The presence of vitamins considered beneficial

Sustainability on Food Labels

According to the research, 20.9% of the monitored products have at least one claim or certification related to sustainability on the label. Such products can be organized into four clusters:

Sustainable resource management

Sustainable agriculture and breeding

Social responsibility

Respect for animals

The “green” shopping cart built by Osservatorio Immagino includes over 24 thousand products, which generated more than 9.1 billion euros in sales with a growth of +5.5% in value.



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