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The Reason Why Everyone Is Obsessing about Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Why does one need to use EVOO? Why do people pay extra to find the best quality EVOO?

The history of Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) production dates back to 5000 BC. Olive trees were introduced to Italy by the Greek diaspora and once Romans took hold of Italy, the production of superior quality of olive oil took off. And since then, olive oil has become an integral part of the Italian culinary traditions. There are 538 types of olives and olive oils in Italy.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the purest and most superior form of olive oil. It is because it contains pure, cold-pressed olives, whereas regular olive oil is a mixture of cold-pressed olives as well as processed oils. It has polyphenols which are known to prevent breast cancer. And the vitamin E in EVOO works wonders for one’s skin.

Extra virgin Olive oil is produced from the first press of olives, and to qualify as authentic EVOO, it must be aged for a minimum of 12 months and must have less than 0.8g oleic acid per 100g. EVOO must be stored in dark glass bottles at room temperature (14-18 degrees C), as plastic bottles will spoil the organoleptic characteristics of the olive oil and heat can destroy its chemical composition and nutritional benefits.

The different taste of each region’s olive oil is the result of the different times at which olives are harvested. To this day, mechanization is not usually present in the early stages of olive oil production. This is because olives are easily damaged, and damage would result in a lower quality of the oil. The delicacy of olives impacts the harvesting process, as olives are generally handpicked. After the harvest, olives are taken to the frantoio, the mill. The methods used at the frantoio preserve the traditional roots of olive oil production.

EVOO has multiple uses, it can be used as an ingredient, as a condiment and as a cooking fat.

EVOO as an ingredient: used in the dough for bread, to make fresh pasta, sofrito and more.

EVOO as a condiment: it is drizzled on vegetables, pasta, meat, fish and more. It can also be EVOO used for cooking: and frying due to its high burning point.


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