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The Most Successful Italian Food Products Abroad

Discovering the evolution of the Italian food industry in the post-pandemic and the countries where exports are growing in double digits

For the Italian food products industry, developing exports is a priority. The transition from the health crisis to the economic crisis, according to Nomisma data, will worsen the economic problems of Italian consumers with repercussions on food purchases.

The most popular Italian food products abroad

Source: Istat – Coeweb

The most popular Italian food products abroad are bakery products – 2.3 billion euros export sales in value and double-digit growth up +15.6% in 2019. In the second position come processed and preserved fruit and vegetables (1.9 billion, growing by +6%), and dairy products (1.8 billion, +0.8%).

Italian food importer countries growth ranking (1st half of 2020)

Source: Istat – Coeweb

Exports are heading in a fairly balanced percentage towards European and non-European markets. This means that in recent years Italian companies have focused on the development of emerging markets. In the first half of 2020 exports to the EU-27 (except UK) reached almost 12.5 billion euros, sales to the rest of the world accounted for more than 9.6 billion.



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