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The History of the Italian Brand Buitoni Ends

Buitoni's history has come to an end after over two centuries. We're talking about one of Italy's oldest and most prominent culinary companies, founded in 1827 by Giulia and Giovanbattista Buitoni in Sansepolcro (Arezzo, Tuscany). After 13 years, Nestlè, the brand's owner, has not confirmed the concession to the Newlat Food business (headed by entrepreneur Angelo Mastrolia), which bought the ancient factory in Arezzo in 2008 and began producing pasta and bakery items. The facility is still owned by Newlat, which will only produce for its other brands, such as Delverde, Polenghi, and Giglio.

“Newlat Food had obtained from Nestlé the license for the use of the Buitoni brand for 10 years, extended by another 3 years for dry pasta and bakery products (Fette Biscottate and Crostino), paying about 1.7 million per year in royalties for a total of 22 million. Newlat Food has chosen to invest the royalties – 1.7 million euros a year – in its own brands, Granfetta and Crostino Dorato for bakery products and Delverde brand for pasta. Nestlé has committed not to compete with Newlat in the pasta business for the German market for 18 months,” says Angelo Mastrolia.

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