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Thanking You ..

We would like to extend our hearty thanks to all our patrons and organising partners who made our Discover Italy Through its Culinary Traditions Webinar Series a great success and we look forward to your continued engagement with us in the coming future!

This webinar series was organised by IICCI in association with ALMA under the True Italian Taste project. The True Italian Taste project aims to increase the knowledge and consumption of 100% made in Italy food and wine in markets where there is confusion among consumers between authentic Italian products, and other products that use Italian symbols or names even though they do not have Italian origin. Through this webinar series, the aim was to increase awareness about authentic Italian products and culinary wonders.

This series had 6 webinars covering different culinary traditions from Italy. The webinars were on Pasta, Cheese and Cold Cuts, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar, Italian Bread, Pizza and Gelato. The webinars gave insight into the history and processes of production involved in making each of these.

We look forward to holding more such insightful and fun events for our patrons!

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