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Mushroom Risotto: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

With its distinctive and powerful flavours, mushroom risotto is one of the most delicious risottos. However, there are a few things to avoid when making it, so your mushroom risotto is truly unforgettable!

Choose the best mushrooms for a spectacular mushroom risotto. The unmistakably tasty porcini mushrooms, with their intense aroma and crisp, compact texture, take first position. Then there are the boldini mushrooms, which are simpler to come by in Italy than porcini mushrooms and are also less expensive while tasting just as good. Chanterelles are a mushroom kind with a stronger and more unique flavour.


Not all rice can be used to make risotto. Carnaroli rice, with its full-bodied grain that retains consistency while cooking, and Arborio rice, which keeps the core of the grain (rich in starch) al dente as it cooks, are our favourites for risotto. Roma rice is also a good option because it is the longest grain and absorbs spice well. But what is the most popular among chefs? The Vialone Nano has a circular grain that maintains its shape when cooked.

1. Using Frozen Mushrooms

Using frozen mushrooms once thawed will be soft and full of water, resulting in not being able to use them.

2. Not Cleaning the Mushrooms Well.

Cleaning your mushrooms is a very important part of the process – you must be gentle to keep them from breaking apart while making sure all the soil and dirt is out.

3. Not Softening Dried Mushroom in Water

Dried mushrooms are perfect for making risotto – as long as you let them soak in water for at least 20 minutes.

4. Not Filtering the Soaking Water

To give more flavor to the risotto use the water you used to soak the mushrooms. Filtering it will ensure you won’t have an unpleasant aftertaste.

5. Forgetting to Add Garlic

The ideal sauté for a mushroom risotto is made with garlic – not onion.


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