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Black summer truffle, also known as Scorzone and Tuber aestivum vitt is a summer truffle that's easily recognizable by its rough, warted, black surface. This alligator skin-like surface is covered with tiny diamond-shaped projections that are molded by stones that surround the truffle while it's still in the soil.

When fully mature, its flesh is pale grey with white marbling. The aroma is rich and woodsy, while the flavors are garlicky, mushroomy, and earthy with hints of hazelnuts. Shave it fresh over pasta or add it to sauces for more depth.


Bianchetto, also known as Tuber borchii and White spring truffle is an Italian truffle that's spread throughout the peninsula, from sandy to limestone and clay soils. The exterior is very similar to that of Tartufo Bianco d'Alba, but luckily, they don't ripen at the same time – this one is harvested from January to the end of April.

Bianchetto has a smooth and pale-white surface, while the interior is reddish-brown with rough, wide, and branched veins that are whitish but turn brown over time. The aroma is intense and reminiscent of garlic, while the flavor is not particularly pleasant.


Muscat truffle, also known as Trifola nera and Brumale truffle is an Italian winter truffle that's harvested from January to March.

The exterior is black with low, flattened warts, while the interior is grey or brown with white veining. The aroma is pungent but less intense than that of other black truffles. The flavor is pleasant.


Tartufo Bianco d'Alba is an extremely rare Italian white truffle (Tuber magnatum pico) found in the Alba region from October to December. It also grows in Istria, Croatia. The truffles grow symbiotically with hazel, poplar, beech, and oak.

Their rich flavor and aroma are often described as moldy, earthy, oniony, cheesy, and garlicky. On the inside, these pale cream or brown truffles have a white, marbled, and creamy interior that is riddled with ivory veins. They pair extremely well with cheese, crab, beef, and chicken.


Burgundy truffle or Tuber uncinatum is the autumn variety of Tuber aestivum (black summer truffle). These truffles are available in the fall and look like small rocks with a rough surface. The exterior is brown, with large diamond-shaped points.

The interior is coffee-colored and veined. The aroma is musky, and the flavor is earthy and nutty, stronger than the summer truffle, but not as pungent as the winter truffle. The price is much lower than that of black summer truffles.

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