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Mediterranean Diet Advice from Amy Riolo

Amy Riolo is a best-selling author, chef, television personality, and educator who is widely regarded as one of the world's finest experts on culinary culture. Riolo also has her own private label collection of imported top Italian ingredients. She worked as a chef/instructor for the Casa Italiana Language School in Washington, D.C., as well as Italian Sensory Experience, a firm that offers wine-focused gastronomic trips in Italy, Morocco, and Greece, prior to the epidemic.

She claims that the Mediterranean "diet" is so beneficial because it is a lifestyle rather than a supplement. Diet is a misnomer in English because its derivation stems from the Greek word diata, which best describes this as a way of life that includes, but also demands, time for socialising, napping, communal meals, and shared physical activity, to name a few things.

When it comes to the Mediterranean diet/lifestyle, there is nothing you have to entirely "give up." It's all about eating as much of what's good for us as possible — in delicious, pleasant, and customary ways — and then occasionally splurging on the more indulgent items. The Mediterranean diet has a long history. For not only years and decades, but millennia, people have been avoiding and reversing illness with this type of lifestyle. The Mediterranean diet is also recommended by modern medical professionals. It's simple to follow, fantastic for weight loss and diabetes patients, and it's been shown to reduce inflammation, which is at the root of all illnesses and diseases.


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