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Make a Delicious Bellini

Bellini is a classic Italian cocktail made with a combination of Prosecco and white peach nectar or white peach purée. Peach purée or nectar is first poured into a chilled flute glass, and it is then topped with Prosecco before being gently stirred and served.

Outside of Italy, Bellini is often made with champagne, but any sparkling wine will do. The cocktail was invented by a bartender named Giuseppe Cipriani in the 1930s or 1940s at Harry’s Bar in Venice, and it was named after the famous Italian painter Giovanni Bellini.

Today, Bellini is especially popular as a brunch drink.


Prep Time 05 minutes Ready in 05 minutes



● 10 cl (2 parts) (100 ml) (3,4 oz) Prosecco ● 5 cl (1 part) (50 ml) (1,7) fresh peach purée


● First, pour the peach purée into a well-chilled champagne flute, then top with Prosecco, and stir gently.


  • PEACH PURÉE The traditional choice is white-fleshed peaches, but you can use also yellow ones as a substitute. To prepare, you need to peel them, pass them through a food mill or process them in a blender, and then strain the resulting purée and refrigerate until cold. When not in season, use peach juice or nectar instead, though obviously, it will not yield the same results.

  • WINE Although you can use other sparkling wines instead of Prosecco, you should avoid Champagne, as its strong flavor overpowers the peach. You can also make a non-alcoholic version by using a sparkling juice or seltzer instead of Prosecco.

  • METHOD The only rule when preparing a Bellini cocktail is that everything, including the champagne flute, must be well-chilled.

  • SERVING Traditionally served in a champagne flute, a Bellini can also be served in a tumbler.

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