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Love Olives? Try These Delicious Ways to Add Them in Your Diet

There are several amusing ways in which olives can be used because of its unique taste. It is astounding to note that olives can be added as a topping to almost anything and always manage to enhance the taste. Despite the fact that not everyone finds it easy to develop a taste for the same, those who do, undoubtedly immerse themselves in the pool of advantages of eating this rich fruit. While black olives are found in all salads, you'll usually encounter the green olives in drinks like martinis.

Here's your list of the phenomenal ways in which olives can be used:


Whether it's a salad that incorporates olives as fruit or on that is garnished with olive oil, its power is tremendous. According to scientists, it can protect your heart from fatal air pollution or even lower blood pressure.


Focaccia is a flat oven-baked Italian bread.

Here's your chance to reduce the damage that flour can cause to you by adding olives or olive oil to your bread. You'll see a drastic change to your hair and skin texture along with an ease in digestion.


Stir some olives into tuna, chicken or crab-stuffed in a tortilla to make a delicious and healthy wrap.


What's more enticing than relishing some pita bread with olive-based hummus? Keep aside the health benefits, what's more, important is how delicious they taste.


Almost all pasta and kinds of spaghetti are topped either exclusively with pasta or paired with other vegetables like broccoli, bell peppers, chicken, mushrooms etc.


Who can refuse a plain cheese margarita with black olives? Black olives can also be marinated with spices and eaten as is. They taste so soothing and lip-smacking delicious!


It's healthy, it's appealing and yet fulfilling and when you spot olives on a bruschetta, it's irresistible.

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