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Lambrusco di Modena DOC

Lambrusco di Modena is one of the Lambrusco DOCs situated in central Emilia-Romagna in plains near the town of Modena.

Historical references to “Modena” or “di Modena” (of Modena) were commonly made as early as at least the middle of the nineteenth century thanks to the production method that consisted in the practice of making the wine from different kinds of grapes cultivated in the province of Modena.

The wine obtained was called “Lambrusco di Modena” since Modena is the capital of the province where all the grapes are grown. The consistent, significant commercial results achieved, consolidated in over a century of activity, have rendered “Lambrusco di Modena” one of the most qualified wines produced in the province.

Lambrusco di Modena is a sparkling red wine with a ruby ​​red colour, delicate aroma, and a sweet flavour with floral notes. This wine, in particular, goes well with traditional Emilia Romagna first and second-course dishes, especially those with red meat. Lambrusco di Modena is the most recent addition to the Lambrusco DOCs, being awarded in 2009.


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