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Lamborghini launches premium beverages in India

In the mid-90s, Lamborghini decided to go beyond just selling cars. They launched their own line of premium vodka, coffee blends and hot chocolate internationally. These have now arrived in India too...

The brand best known for speed, will now be part of your morning cuppa. Established in 1947, Lamborghini was founded by Ferruccio Lamborghini. Over time, the company began diversifying, going beyond just cars and engines — to more recently, coffee blends.

In the mid ‘90s, Tonino Lamborghini launched his own ‘Made in Italy’ beverages line. The exclusive Tonino Lamborghini Luxury Beverage line includes espresso coffee, hot chocolate, energy drink and vodka. Distributed in more than 40 countries, the products are worldwide present in Ho.Re.Ca. (hotel, restaurant, catering) channels and Super Ho.Re.Ca. channels, in selected clubs, in specialised retail channels and in branded hotels, lounges and cafeterias.

These products have been recently launched in India. In a 2018 interview with communicafe, Tonino Lamborghini was quoted as saying, “In the mid-90s, I began to think about products that could most represent Italy in the food and beverage sector. My vision was and is to spread the intrinsic energy that my brand transmits through a line of Italian beverage products. That’s why, I chose a universally Italian iconic product: coffee. I had an important success, considering that since the beginning I excluded the gross market distribution and I focussed on the Ho.Re.Ca (hotel, restaurant, catering) channels. Then, I created a line of products that today includes: tea, hot chocolate, energy drinks, vodka, and my personal selection of wines under the name of 'Palazzo del Vignola' and 'Sangue Di Miura', the historical label created by my father Ferruccio.”

The coffee is available in three variants — Red, Platinum, and Black. 'Red' is a blend of Central American and Brazilian Arabica with a touch of Robusta. The blend is available in 1 kg packs, in 2 and 3 kg cans and in 250gm packs, both in beans and ground coffee. The Red also offers a decaf version in pods, capsules and in the NESPRESSO compatible capsule version.

'Platinum' is composed of Arabica Santos beans from Brazil, which come together with fruity, high-mountain Central American varieties, to create a nicely balanced, intensely aromatic espresso, with a full-bodied flavour and good acidity. The blend is available in 1 kg packs.

'Black' is composed of Alta Mogiana Arabica and high-quality Robusta. Easy to work and with a consistent cup result, this blend is full-bodied, with a barely perceived acidity. The taste is characterised by hints of toasted bread, while in the aftertaste there are perceptions of bitter cocoa and spices. This blend is also available in 1 kg packs.

Tonino Lamborghini Coffee

The espresso line also includes hot chocolates drinks in eight flavours. These include classic, white, dark, amaretto, orange and cinnamon, hazelnut, mint, and chilli pepper — available in 500 gms packs. The white and classic flavours are also available in packs of 1 kg

Tonino Lamborghini Hot Chocolate

Tonino Lamborghini's energy drink was launched for the first time in 2008 and it comes in two variants: the traditional and the most recent sugar free versions. The energy drink is dedicated to a medium-high target of young adults.

The Tonino Lamborghini vodka is the final entrant in Lamborghini's beverage line and it was launched internationally in 2012. The distillate is expertly filtered with multiple passages on birch vegetable activated carbon filters, which have the ability to retain the smallest impurities — and very fine quartz sand that ultimately result in a pure and crystalline alcohol. Tonino Lamborghini vodka is marketed internationally and has an exclusive distribution in some of the world’s most fashionable nightclubs.

Lamborghini Vodka

The Heinrich Company has become the official distributor of Tonino Lamborghini Luxury Beverages products in India, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia (from 2019 onwards). Heinrich sells a variety of cocoa-based products, including flavoured chocolate spreads, chocolate bars and hot chocolate.

Courtesy: AFAQS

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