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Italy's San Benedetto Skincare wins the Global Water Drinks Awards 2020

Italy’s leading mineral water company from Veneto – San Benedetto earned the Global Water Drinks Awards 2020 in the “Best Functional Waters” group. The esteemed product is Skincare, the ingenious functional drink supplemented with Zinc, Collagen, and Hyaluronic Acid. This wholly Beverage company is the single Italian company to obtain the prestigious award in this edition, owing to the taste, the properties, the image, and the set-up of Skincare.

Organized by Zenith Global’s leading international Food & Beverage experts, The Global Water Drinks Awards is a universal award of utter prestige especially devised for the bottled water industry, open to innovators, entrepreneurs and eminent companies from all around the world. The event this year registered in excess of 160 participants from 27 countries. The front-runners and winners were carefully chosen by an autonomous jury of industry experts.


San Benedetto Skincare is a beverage in usual mineral water just enhanced with Zinc, Collagen, and Hyaluronic Acid. Offered in 22 cl PET on-the-go format, it has a peach & red fruit flavour and is preservatives-free as well as colorants-free.



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