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Italy’s F&B production value get a boost from Geographical Indications

The Covid-19 pandemic has not been able to disrupt the Italian Geographical Indications. According to the 2019 data, the PDO Economy depicts a growing sector with 16.9 billion euros of production Value with a contribution of 19% to the total turnover of the Italian agri-food system.

The Italian PDO economy is worth 16.9 billion, and PDO and PGI products now account for 19% of the total F&B value. Exports are worth 9.5 billion euros

Within the Italian F&B sector, half a billion of production value is to be attributed to Geographical Indications from 2010 onwards. The PDO and PGI food industry is worth 7.7 billion euros in production, while the bottled wine industry reaches 9.2 billion euros.

Italian GIs exports (2019/2018)


Source: Ismea-Qualivita



The exports of the sector amount to 9.5 billion euros. Sales in 2019 scored a growth of +5.1% while maintaining a share of 21% of the total Italian food exports. The greatest contribution comes from the wine sector with a value of 5.6 billion euros, however, the PDO and PGI food products sales abroad are also growing: +7.2% on 2018, equal to 3.8 billion euros, and +162% compared to 2009. The top importing countries are Germany (786 million euros), the USA (711 million), France (525 million), and the UK (273 million).



In 2019, the production value of Italian wines with a certified Geographical Indication exceeded the threshold of 25 million hectoliters. This is the result of opposing trends between PDOs (+6.2%, also thanks to the introduction of new products) and PGIs (-1%). The production value of bulk wines was about 3.5 billion euros, while for bottled wines it reaches 9.2 billion: of these, 7.6 billion are represented by PDO wines, which have an economic weight equal to 82% of GI wines. Exports reached 5.6 billion euros (+4%) out of a total of 6.4 billion euros (+3%).



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