Italian Cooked Ham Exports Growth, Explained

Italy has always provided the best and highest quality of food and food products. Thus, allowing the producers to maintain a high turnover. Similarly, well-cooked ham is now oriented towards snacking and service content.

Some products like ham are considered a commodity instead of a speciality. This has now become a new challenge for Italian companies as to how to go about communication for these products. There are a few new launches in the snacking areas as well. This is being aimed at the young target audience. The impact of COVID-19 has inevitably slowed down the growth of sales.


During this time of the pandemic, the European market alone has seen a growth in exports by 7.8% in value. Exports to Spain, Poland and Belgium, have been particularly good. Despite the drop, the German market grew by 14.9% in value.


Exports in the non-EU countries fell considerably to -24.4% in volume and 15.7% by value. A lot of logistical issues due to the pandemic, the trend was negative in Canada (-66.2%), Japan (-54.3%) and USA (-33.7%).


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