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Introducing Caffe Trucillo, The Real Italian Coffee

A good cup of coffee won’t make your problems go away, but it’ll give you the energy to deal with them. We all know the power of a good cup. Today we’re featuring one of Italy’s finest coffee companies, Caffe Trucillo.

The story of Trucillo started in 1950, driven by the great passion of Cesare Trucillo, moving around Naples through raw coffee cargos and gunnysacks. He began to collaborate with the best importers and traders of the time. Today, they still work with the same enthusiasm as back then and their mission is definitely to produce high-quality coffee, but above all to spread the culture of the High-Quality Italian Espresso Coffee, a shared goal the whole Trucillo team aims at with passion and determination, taking care of each and every aspect from the production to the trading, sharing with their partners the pride to offer all the pleasure held into a cup of coffee.


The research for a top-level Quality constantly engages their people and for each step taken forward, the outcomes represent a stimulus to set new, evolving targets. You can breathe the culture of coffee in the company and you can live it outside of it, thanks to the qualified work of the entire Trucillo team, involved in a constant, ongoing dialogue with clients in order to assist them through the different stages of their activity and to build a solid relationship made of consultancy and reliability.


Trucillo every year aims to offer a quality product, creating blends that can please the different expectations and satisfy the consumers’ needs. A shared goal, the whole Trucillo team aims at with passion and determination, taking care of each and every aspect from the production to the trading, from the bean to the cup, sharing with their partners the pride to offer together all the pleasure held into a cup of espresso coffee. They dedicate the same care and attention to the international market, aware and proud to represent and popularize the tag “Made in Italy”.


The quality of the blends comes from the care and attention devoted to the raw material: green coffee. The passion for good coffee has brought the company to move tightly close to the producing countries, where research trips and journeys are periodically carried out in order to offer an unmatchable taste to the consumer, made of aromas and cultures hailing from different lands. Trucillo blends are made of coffee originated from three different continents: Central and Southern America, Africa and Asia.


They have elected quality as the first of their company values. Strict Quality Control throughout the supply chain and the observance of the quality standards are fundamental steps, allowing the monitoring of the production cycle through continuous studies and research activities. In the Trucillo Coffee Lab, the coffee that makes up our blends is constantly subjected to strict qualitative analysis per single-origin and evaluated on the basis of its organoleptic properties from a panel of qualified coffee tasters in order to guarantee the best result in the cup.


Trucillo blends quality results from the choice of selecting the best green coffee, processed with knowledge and care. The best blends are made up of six or seven different origins: the 100% Arabica stands out for its floral and fruity fragrances, sweet and delicate; the Arabica and Robusta blend present an enveloping, creamy pleasure on the palate, with aromatic notes of chocolate, hazelnut and vanilla. Trucillo's success especially comes from the deep studies and great experience developed in the roasting activity.


The roasting art follows the tradition of the first years of experience, seamlessly merged with a constant, relentless technological research. This step represents one of the most delicate moments in the coffee processing cycle: the bean turns crumbly, changes colour, increases in volume and decreases in weight, gaining aromatic richness and differentiating its taste depending on the cooking temperature. Coffee gets roasted for 15-17 minutes through the convection method for a uniform roasting, respectful of the coffee characteristics.

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Source: Trucillo

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