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How To Cook Pasta: A Step By Step Guide

Sometimes the simplest things could be the trickiest. A simple recipe, as simple as pasta is not a complex dish to make but doing it correctly makes it more delicious. Everything that tastes good requires a process, time and patience and so does pasta. Pasta is an Italian dish and no one can teach you to cook pasta better than an Italian. People all around the globe prefer pasta a bit soft but actually it is supposed to be a little bit harder.

Pasta is healthy and it could be made with different kinds of ingredients. It is said that you can eat pasta twice a day every day and no two recipes would taste the same. Well, it is high on carbs but you knew that already! So, make your pasta correctly and savour the taste of correctly made pasta.

Here's how you can cook your pasta to perfection..... Every time!

Take a large pot and fill it two thirds with water. Once done, put it on the stove and boil the water. If you wish to boil the water quickly, then make sure to put the lid on the pot but do not cover it fully. Keep it partially uncovered, so that you can hear when the water is boiled.

Once the water is boiled, add salt to it. Now the question is how much salt should be added. It will not affect the taste of pasta much but it could add to the flavour. Also, you should wait for the water to boil to put the correct amount of salt because adding salt at the initial stage could take too much time for the water to boil. And we do not want that because we are hungry!!! Wait for 30-45 seconds after adding salt, and then put the pasta in it. If you put pasta before the water boils, you'll ruin it's taste and ruining the taste of pasta.

Stir the pasta thoroughly. Some people like to add olive oil to pasta but it doesn't need to be done. Stirring it well will prevent it from sticking to each other or to the pot. Pasta is like a sponge which means it will absorb the liquid in which it is soaked. Thus, a minute before the pasta is boiled, taste it and check its softness and hardness. It should be balanced.

Before draining the pasta, take two scoops of pasta water out of the pot and put it in a cup for later use. [You can use that water to cook sauce but it is optional]. Drain your pasta and put it in the pan of sauce. Stir it well.

Before serving it piping hot, let it heat up for 60-90 seconds. This will infuse the sauce properly in pasta and it will not taste bland. Garnish it with the basil leaves.

And Voila! that's how you cook true Italian style pasta...


Source(s): Greatist, The Straits Times

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