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Fun New Year’s Traditions in Italy

Every occasion or festivity calls for some of the other traditions that remain unchanged for everyone. In Italy, everything is a celebration; you do not even need an occasion to have good food or wine. A new year in Italy calls for a new beginning with a new dress, delicious food and appetizing drinks but some of these superstitions were created long back to ensure that we set the right foot in the new year. Want to celebrate New Year the right way in Italy? Here is a list of New Year’s traditions that you need to follow:


Have a Huge Dinner


In Italy, it all starts with food and ends with it as Italy lives on food. The country is all about food and traditions related to it. The new year is another day to celebrate and have a scrumptious meal with your friends and family. As per the traditions, you have to sit down for a huge meal on the day of New Year in Italy.


Eat Lentils


In Italy, you eat lentils on New Year’s. In the country, it is believed that lentils bring good luck on New Year’s as the shape of the tiny circular legumes resembles that of a coin which signifies wealth. So, don’t compromise on the quantity as more the lentils the better chances of you getting rich.


Pop the Prosecco


When the clock strikes midnight, you should have a glass of sparkling wine in hand. Leave the champagne to France and find a bottle of Italian bubbly like prosecco to ring in the new year. As is the custom in many other places, it is traditional to seal the countdown to midnight with a kiss (or a double cheek kiss for friends) and to wish them all the best for the new year


Watch the Fireworks


Italy, just like various other places, likes to welcome the new year with a wonderful display of fireworks. The jubilant explosions fill the sky with brightness as the clock strikes 12, and can be witnessed in almost every other city and most large towns. Regions such as Naples and the Amalfi Coast are specifically renowned for their astounding New Year’s fireworks.


Leave the House with Money in your Pocket


The Italians believe in making a right start as the New Year begins. Italy lives with a superstition belief that if you leave the house with money in your pocket on the first day of the year then you are more likely to have money on each day for the rest of the year. So, make sure you have at least a little cash on the 1st of January with you as you leave the house.


Throw out your Old Stuff


In a few parts of Italy, especially in the south, it is a time-honoured tradition to throw your old belongings out of the window at midnight of the New Year. So, be careful while gathering socially to rejoice the New Year as you might get hit by someone who is getting rid of the old things for the sake of expected good fortune.

A very happy new year to all the readers! Buon Anno!


Courtesy: anamericaninrome

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