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Ferrero Doubles Production Of Nutella Biscuits To Increase Sales Abroad

The Italian confectionery giant Ferrero has already sold one billion Nutella Biscuits since their launch. The group had anticipated selling 25 million packets by the end of 2020 but has nearly surpassed 47 million.

More than one billion Ferrero’s Nutella Biscuits have been sold only a year after their launch in the Italian market, a success that exceeded all expectations. The Italian sweets giant established in Piedmont had predicted to make 25 million packets sale, but it almost increased the figure twofold to more than 47 million. Nutella Biscuits have arrived in the homes of more than 7 million families, turning out to a record-breaking mention in Italy in the cookie market as yet.

Ferrero has agreed to invest in a new production line for these biscuits, as industrially progressive as the first one that will go along. This will permit to double the production capacity to please both internal demand and new export markets that Nutella has not yet entered. The new investment goes beyond 80 million euros.



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