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Ever Tried Zingara, the Iconic Sandwich from Ischia?

Zingara is a classic food from Ischia. In fact, it's a modern classic, since the elders of the country don't even know what it is. The zingara ischitana [from Ischia] is a sandwich – that is, a sandwich made from two slices of bread, mozzarella, tomato, prosciutto crudo and lettuce, all grilled until crispy.

Born in the 1970s at a bar in the port of Ischia, this is not exactly restaurant food – and since it was invented during the years of the “hippies,” the sandwich was given an interesting name, filled with connotations to travel, lightness, freedom. The zingara was born, gypsy at its core, and from there, more and more places started making it – in both the original version or in recipes that vary from bar to bar in Ischia.

Today’s Recipe Includes


2 thick slices of bread from Panificio Boccia Dal 1938 – a special Ischian bread made with sourdough Prosciutto crudo Mozzarella, sliced Tomato, sliced Lettuce Mayonnaise


Courtesy: lacucinaitaliana, Margo Schachter

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