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Discovering Puglia, Italy

Puglia is the perfect getaway. One of the most lovable things about Puglia is food. Puglia’s Cucina Povera which roughly translates to ‘the kitchen of the poor’ uses simple, fresh ingredients to produce healthy delicacies. And how can one talk about Puglia and not talk about its exuberant architecture? It is larger than most people know, for it has the longest coastline than any region in mainland Italy.

Trulli are traditional homes from the Itria Valley in Puglia. They are made of limestone with conical roofs, and many times the walls are then painted white

Puglia has tempted travellers ever since it was discovered by the Greeks. The region is an ideal point between east and west where cultures have flowed for centuries. As said by many, the province of Puglia is not an average Southern outpost. As compared to its neighbours, it is well-heeled. All the visitors visiting Puglia are attracted by the long coast, Trulli houses, and a surplus of castles that protect nearly every seaside town. If you visit the town, you’ll be able to see the sunrise over the Adriatic Sea and the sunset in the Ionian Sea.

Amidst sunrise and sunset, there are Baroque masterpieces like Lecce. Lecce is blessed with a soft, local limestone that provides sculptors and architects with new artistic possibilities.

The facade of the Basilica of Santa Croce in Southern Italy

There are fishing villages like Otranto and Gallipoli that have remained faithful to their origins and provide an opportunity to step into a Byzantine and Norman past.

Talking about cuisine, durum wheat is morphed into various shapes and sizes of pasta.

8 Things to Know About Puglia

  1. Puglia is home to millions of Olive Trees, some of which are centuries old, which is why their food is dominated by Olives. However, Puglia has made it illegal to dig up those valuable trees and plant it in their lands.

  2. Just like every province has people speaking different dialects, Puglia is no different. Egnazia is home to archaeological ruins and a museum which is filled with artefacts from Greek people. Though Puglia has its dialect, separate from the national language, people residing near Lecce speak the Greek language also known as Griko.

  3. The Basilica of Saint Nicholas in Bari is named after the saint who is known as Santa Claus.

  4. Castle De Mont at the foot of Le Murge Mountains is one of the finest castles of Italy, with eight towers overlooking hectares of olive groves and vineyards.

  5. Lucera region looks like a movie set, however, the Roman amphitheatre, castle, and sanctuary are all very real and very much visited by the travellers.

  6. Alberobello is a cute little town with an admirable and unique skyline dominated by circular whitewashed Trulli houses with high conical roofs. You can visit as many Trulli houses as your heart desires.

  7. Puglia is shaped a little like Florida with an 800-kilometre coast that faces the Adriatic Sea and clean waters.

  8. Puglia has been producing wine since the Greek period, and it makes PATRIGLIONE - one of Puglia's most highly regarded and expensive red wines.

If you plan on visiting Italy, do not forget to include Puglia in your bucket list.

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