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Demand for Grana Padano PDO production increases by 2% amidst pandemic

The Grana Padano cheese originating from the Po river valley in Northern Italy has turned out to be the largest consumed and produced PDO product in the world. Despite the Covid19 pandemic, the production grew by 2% and global consumption escalated to 3.7%.

As of the year 2020, in the retail sector, Germany has been the biggest importer with a 7% increase in retail consumption. Grana Padano performed well even in the countries of Switzerland, Belgium and France.

Renato Zaghini, President of the Consortium for the protection of Grana Padano PDO said, “Our product has not been damaged by the crisis because according to recent research, it is perceived by consumers as one of the most reassuring ones.”

The president of Grana Padano protection Consortium, Renato Zaghini

Discussing the Post-Pandemic strategy to keep the Grana Padano PDO going, Zaghini said, “We are defining the promotional and advertising budget, as well as the new product and communication strategies”. He further adds, “We are convinced that hard work and the guarantee of the highest quality and genuineness of our product, together with the trust that consumers are showing us, will lead towards a future full of satisfaction.”



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