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Consortium of Pecorino Romano PDO, Possible Restriction on Local Breeds

The current Pecorino Romano PDO product standards contain no limits on the sheep breeds used to produce the milk for this traditional Italian cheese. However, with some recent plans for changes, an attempt is being made to reduce this utter absence of oversight by mandating that at least 90% of the milk be produced from Sardinian and other authorised breeds of sheep. As a result, the quality, genuineness, and uniqueness of milk would not be questioned in any manner, as they would be ensured not only by the sheep breed, but also by the climate, pasture quality, and tradition.

There are no breed limitations for the animals used to produce the requisite milk for the production of traditional Italian PDO cheeses. The Parmigiano Reggiano PDO Consortium, which has the strictest requirements, restricts cow nutrition but does not specify a specific breed. In reality, the most prevalent one is of Dutch origin. According to the proposal to change the Pecorino Romano PDO standards, the origin of the dry matter required to feed the sheep would be included, with a maximum use of feed of 50%.


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