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BuyWine Toscana 2021 | Digital Edition

The IICCI - The Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry as part of its True Italian Taste Project is delighted to invite you to Buy Wine Toscana 2021 - a digital edition of the largest commercial initiative to connect buyers from around the world with the wineries in Tuscany. Scheduled from 24-28 May 2021 it will be organised by Regione Toscana along with our partners - PromoFirenze - Special Agency of the Florence Chamber of Commerce.

The event will see 150 winemakers from all over Tuscany showcasing their best production. As such, these online Video Meetings are an important occasion to meet and discuss new business opportunities with the winemakers. At the end of all the meetings, they shall deliver to your doorstep, a sample box of selected wineries to complete the wine experience.

To know more about the process for applying digitally - application, profiling session (where you can choose up to 25 wineries for meetings), Like session, Matchmaking & Samples, and last Video Meeting & Smart Wine Tasting, please write to us at Kindly note that the selection and approval will only be at the discretion of our Italian partners.

In case of any queries, we shall be happy to assist you.

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