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A Pictorial Guide to Pasta types brought to you by Riscossa

Since you can’t go to Italy at the moment, we bring Italy to you with our Italian Gourmet initiative. Get authentic Italian pasta delivered to your doorstep from our import partners Chenab Gourmet. Below are the varieties of pasta available:

Tagliatelle Verdi N° 187

The Tagliatelle Verdi pasta is made up of Semolina and hard wheat which is a spinach pasta. It is a vegetarian product and available in 5 shapes. This product contains 500 grams and the flavour of spinach brings out the bright green colour.

Penne Zitoni Rigate N° 925

Penne Zitoni Rigate is the second most preferred and popular pasta after spaghetti. It resembles a pen. It's perfect to use in pesto, marinara and carbonara based sauces. They were a smooth and gilded pasta but over a period of time, they have taken different forms especially because these are kids’ favourite pasta.

Fagiolini Lisci N° 55

Also known as macaroni pasta, it is the world’s most popular go-to dish in the form of mac and cheese. Made with 100% whole wheat semolina, they go with every kind of chunky sauce and it is one of the simplest dishes to prepare.

Spaghetti N° 92F – 9211

Made up of grain, spaghetti pasta is energy-dense with more than 200 calories. Made up of Durum Wheat Semolina and water, it is rich in taste and healthy in a balanced diet. It is commonly prepared with tomato sauce and veggies. One can also prepare it with extra virgin olive oil, garlic, chilli and anchovies tossed together.

Lasagna Riccia N° 8103

Lasagna Riccia is a classic pasta thicker than spaghetti. It is often served with sausages and mince in tomato sauce with the addition of ricotta. This works perfectly with meatballs. Riscossa’s Lasagna Riccia is made up of Wheat Durum Semolina and water.

Tagliatelle N° 181

Tagliatelle is a rich and healthy product available in 5 shapes. You can pair the regular Tagliatelle with spinach flavour to add to the aroma and decoration of the dish. Top it with extra virgin olive oil or garlic/chilli or cheese to get the best of this pasta.

Canneroni Lisci N° 923

Canneroni Lisci is a garden pipe-shaped pasta rich in taste and healthy in the diet. Cook it with bell pepper, eggplant, onion, garlic, extra virgin olive oil and basil.

Tagliolini N° 182

It is made up of Wheat Durum Semolina and water. It is a ribbon-like pasta, long and roughly 10 inches wide, similar to Tagliatelle and thin like capellini. It is made up of egg dough and it requires 6 to 10 minutes to cook.

Orzo N° 71b Semi di Orzo

Orzo is a rice-shaped pasta made up of Wheat Durum Semolina and water. It is perfect for salads and soups and could be used instead of rice. It is quick to cook and easy to eat. You can always cook Orzo pasta with risotto, roast tomatoes, rocket and basil.

Mezzi Gomiti N° 935

It is an elbow-shaped pasta made up of Wheat Durum Semolina and water. Mezzi Gomiti is made by wrapping pasta dough around knitting needles. These go with all kinds of chunky sauces, and it is one of the simplest dishes to prepare.

Farfalloni N° 8105

Farfalloni is bow tie-shaped pasta. The name can be translated as big butterfly referring to its shape. It is recommended to pair Farfalloni pasta with vodka sauce, cream sauce and tomatoes. It is perfect to create pasta salad creations.

Eliche Farfalle N° 948

Eliche Farfalle is a twisted ringlet shaped pasta made up of Wheat Durum Semolina & water. It is available in tricolour which can be cooked with round ripe tomatoes, garlic cloves, extra virgin olive oil, parsley, grated pecorino and sprigs of rosemary. This recipe could be used as a pasta salad.

Gluten-Free Penne N° 27

It is a tube-shaped pasta with angled ends inspired by the quill of a pen. This is the ultimate wheat-free pasta that has great taste and good texture. It is a 100% natural product without additives, artificial ingredients and without wheat. You can enjoy it with tomato sauce, fresh veggies and fish.


Source: Riscossa

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