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7 Different Types of Italian Pizza

If you think there is only a particular way to make all the pizzas, then that’s where you are wrong. Pizzas are not just baked in the oven. Some pizzas are also prepared on pans and even fried for that matter. There is a long list of all the pizzas you can try while you are in Italy. Here we have brought some of the selected pizzas types for you, take a look:

Pizza Napoletana

Originated in Napoli, it is one of the most popular kinds of Italian pizzas. The type is made only in a specific way which is ensured by a Traditional Specialty Guarantee (TSG) certification. The special dough is made of wheat flour, salt, yeast & water and is left for 24 hours to rise up. It’s made using hands and shaped into a flat, round disk.

Pizza Fritta

A classic Neapolitan fried pizza comes in various shapes & forms. Pizza fritta was born out of a crisis. The value of mozzarella and wood for the ovens increased exponentially after World War II. To continue serving their principal dish, chefs in Napoli decided to fry the dough rather than baking it, packing it with ingredients that were available.

Pizza Siciliana

It has a thick crust with a fluffy, sponge-like consistency. It is baked in a rectangular-shaped pan, topped with tomato sauce, anchovies, onions, oregano, and a hard sheep's milk cheese. For the final touch, the pizza is covered in breadcrumbs which help absorb some of the oil from the ingredient.

Pizza al Taglio

This pizza is meant to be enjoyed on the street. It is cut into long strips or squares after it is baked in a large, rectangular pan. The price is determined by the weight of each slice and it is up to us how big a slice we want to order depending on how much we can have at a time.

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Pizza Alla Pala

It was born in Roman bakeries to use up the leftover dough of bread. This pizza has a highly-hydrated dough. Bakers would stretch the dough to top it with fresh ingredients and serve it on a wooden paddle, hence the name “Paddle Pizza”.

Credit: Taste Atlas

Pizza al Padellino

This pizza is also known as Pan pizza as it is baked in small round pans. It has a soft, thick crust, that slightly gets toasted on the exterior when baking. The pizza can be topped with an assortment of ingredients. Refer to it as Italian style deep dish.

Credit: giallozafferano

Pizza Tonda Romana

Apart from Pizza Alla Pala from Italy’s capital city, there’s one more pizza called La pizza Tonda Romana. The pizza is flat and round with a very thin crust. This style of pizza is really crispy having a cracker-like crust, unlike Napoletana pizza.

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