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5 Perfect Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gifts for Everyone

The season of love is here and one could feel its essence in the air. This Valentine’s day, express the unconditional and irrevocable love for your partner with one of these unique gifts. Make your loved ones feel special by delivering one of these thoughtful gifts to their doorsteps.

Fresh and Crispy Loacker Wafers


Crispy and velvety cream-filled wafers might be the most exquisite gift for your Valentine. Crunchy wafers with hazelnut or cocoa cream filling, coated with fine milk or dark chocolate. A perfect match.

A Barilla Pasta Meal


This Valentine’s Day help your partner make vibrant Pasta recipes by gifting them the perfect Italian Barilla pasta. Bring ‘la dolce vita’ into your home any day of the week, with a tangy pasta recipe.

Montanari Gruzza’s Fresh Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese


Is your partner practically in love with mac and cheese? Or maybe a loaded cheesy pizza? Show them some love by gifting them fresh fluffy Parmigiano Reggiano cheese right from Italian dairy farms.

A Jar Of Nutty Coffee Beans


Is your partner the one who everyday rushes to Starbucks for a strong black coffee? Espresso your love for your Valentine’s by gifting them a jar of fresh coffee beans and pair it with a glazed ceramic mug.

A Batch Of Fresh Almond Cookies


For one who has a sweet tooth, freshly-baked Amaretti almond cookies can never be a no. There are many ways to say, "I love you" — but our favorite is with a batch of fresh, Valentine's Day cookies.

Get Your Ingredients


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