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Italy's SNAM Eyes Investments In Indian Gas Pipelines

Italy’s Snam, the operator of Europe’s largest natural gas transmission network expects to leverage its deep knowledge of the gas sector to launch itself in India. The significant push towards cleaner energy shift and in particular towards gas is what makes the country interesting for SNAM. SNAM's discussions with the oil ministry and other executives have ranged over hydrogen fuel, gas storage and small-scale liquefaction technologies but the big thrust has been on pursuing investment opportunities in the gas pipeline business. Last year, Niti Aayog had proposed to hive off GAIL's pipeline assets and monetize it as it owns about 11,000 kms of gas pipelines across the country. For more details please read below and for reaching Italian brands in Oil & Gas its Italy4Cities project contact us at

Source(s): The Economic Times, (Image Source)

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