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Hot Springs in Tuscany – Saturnia, Italy’s Best-Kept Secret

The Saturnia thermal hot springs are one of Italy’s best-kept secrets and an absolute must do in Italy. A collection of silk blue water springs on different levels that are heated by the nearby volcano. A small but powerful stream of water keeps the water flowing down all levels and makes sure it has a constant temperature of 37 degrees.

About Saturnia, Tuscany


Saturnia is an ancient village in the south of Tuscany in the area known as Maremma. Although not yet commercialized, it attracts tourists because of its thermal baths which have been of considerable importance since ancient ages. There is a large Etruscan gateway to the village which is still in good shape. The gate has a jigsaw pattern and an irregular shape made with large stones which have withstood the test of time for more than two thousand years.

The Location


The hills surrounding the village are covered in dense woods and olive grooves with plenty of Etruscan remains. The village is located an hour away from Siena, an hour and half from the city of Rome and quite close to the sea.

In recent years the village has gained quite a reputation for its excellent thermal baths, its hot water spring and its good traditional restaurants. A hot water spa known for its therapeutic qualities lies at the foot of the hill near Saturnia.

The Saturnia hot springs have existed for millennia. According to Roman mythology, the hot water spring was created when the god Saturn sent a lightning bolt in an attempt to subdue warring humans.


Courtesy: saltinourhair, lifeinitaly, traveladdict

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