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An immersion in Sicilian beauty : the Aeolian Islands (Isole Eolie)

Welcome to our virtual journey through the Aeolian Islands, an enchanting archipelago located in the Tyrrhenian Sea, north of Sicily. These seven natural gems are an unspoiled paradise, each with its own unique beauty and fascinating history intertwined with the volcanic landscape and Mediterranean charm. From the landscapes that each island presents, passing by the unique local gastronomy to the warmth, goodness, and happiness that characterize the "Aeolians" (inhabitants of the Islands) will guarantee you a pleasant and memorable stay.

Island near Sicily - Aeolians Island

The Aeolian islands are composed of seven islands: Lipari; Vulcano; Salina; Filicudi; Alicudi; Panarea; and Stromboli. The name of the archipelago is derived from the Greek God of wind 'Aeolus'.

  • Lipari: The Heart of the Archipelago

Lipari is the largest island and the beating heart of the Aeolian Islands. Here you'll find the bustling town of Lipari, with its narrow streets, craft stores, and majestic Lipari Castle towering from above

  • Vulcano: A Thermal Dream

The island of Vulcano is famous for its hot springs and beneficial volcanic mud. A spa experience in one of its natural pools is a must, offering relaxation and skin benefits.

  • Salina: Green and Lush

Salina is the greenest island, rich in vegetation and vineyards. The production of Malvasia delle Lipari wine is a centuries-old tradition that you can savor during your visit.

  • Panarea: Elegance and Chic

Panarea is an oasis of elegance, with its white beaches, exclusive boutiques, and chic nightlife. A haven for lovers of high fashion and tranquility.

  • Stromboli: The Active Volcano

The island of Stromboli is dominated by an active volcano that gives spectacular fire shows at night. An evening excursion to see its eruptions is an unforgettable experience.

  • Filicudi and Alicudi: Natural Treasures

Filicudi and Alicudi, the less visited islands, offer unspoiled landscapes and an authentic atmosphere. They are perfect places for those seeking tranquility and timeless beauty.

Map of Aeolian Island

There are various ways to reach the archipelago from Italy depending on where you are. The most common way is to go to Naples and take the hydrofoil, which will stop at each island. Otherwise, a longer but cheaper way is the overnight ferry, also from Naples; you can book a cabin and it will feel like staying in your own little room until you arrive the next morning. Either way, you will realize once you arrive that the trip was worth it!

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