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Enel partnered with FederlegnoArredo for innovation and sustainability

Enel X, the subsidiary of Enel, an Italian utility has partnered with the Italian federations for wood, cork, furniture and lighting industries for innovative, sustainable and comfortable housing.

The aim is to identify synergies between the federation’s supply chain and Enel X’s business development areas, businesses, home, cities and condominiums, and creating shared value for territories and communities in the long term.

Enel X and FederlegnoArredo and its members will support and enhance incentives for the energy requalification of the various buildings.

“The start of the collaboration between FederlegnoArredo and Enel X is the first step along a path that has the common goal of accompanying and supporting the companies in our supply chain towards all-round sustainability,” said Sebastiano Cerullo, FederlegnoArredo's General Manager.

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