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Digital Convention on 20 November: the CCIE Meet Companies from Brescia

Assocamerestero, in association with the Brescia Chamber of Commerce and Pro Brixia, Special Agency of the Brescia Chamber of Commerce, present the Digital Convention of Assocamerestero, which will be held on Friday 20 November.

160 companies and enterprises from Brescia have signed up for the initiative – most of which are operating in the manufacturing, iron-and-steel, engineering, automotive and components sectors as well as in the textile, wine and agro-food sectors – with a programme divided into sessions of detailed analysis of the markets of 22 countries worldwide.

The discussion will be centred around the business and internationalisation opportunities for Brescia SMEs and the new export geographies in the current context of evolving geo-economic balances, focusing on the specific characteristics of the individual countries. Focus sessions on each country lasting approximately one hour each will be conducted, followed by a Q&A session.

The 22 countries on which the Digital Convention will focus were identified through a survey conducted by Pro Brixia in association with the Brescia Chamber of Commerce and the University of Brescia, at the end of which the countries with the largest strategic interest in terms of exports for Brescia SMEs turned out to be the United States, Australia and Germany. Followed (as regards non-European countries) by Japan, China, India, South Korea, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Russia, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil and Canada; whereas, within Europe, companies from Brescia were interested in probing the markets of France, United Kingdom, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Holland, Poland.

Over 40 representatives of the Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad and, in particular, some representatives of the “Made in Italy” business network operating in Brescia are expected to participate online.

The CCIE, by virtue of being private entrepreneurial associations, have a strong connection with the local business communities and institutions and can therefore support the internationalisation of Italian businesses and the promotion of “Made in Italy” abroad. For this reason, the event represents an opportunity for a comprehensive understanding and analysis of business opportunities and a forerunner of the Convention that will be held, face-to-face, in the autumn of 2021 in Brescia and that will witness the participation of the representatives of Assocamerestero and of the 81 Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad present worldwide in 58 countries.

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