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"A Special Year" - Italy In India during Covid

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

As with all Italian diplomatic and consular offices in the world, 2020 was also an extraordinary year for the Italian embassy in New Delhi. Until a few months before the start of the pandemic, the embassy led by Vincenzo De Luca was in turmoil to organize activities and programs built to strengthen the ties between India and Italy.

"A special year - Un anno speciale" is a documentary produced and edited by a diplomatic official of the embassy itself, Alessandro de Masi: the video tells through images shot by the protagonists the experience of the embassy in managing the crisis, assisting about 2,000 tourists present in India, often in remote locations in the country, in addition to resident compatriots and Italian companies operating locally.

From the organization of complex evacuation operations of blocked Italians to the management of the image of Italy in the first phase of the crisis, the Italian embassy together with all the branches of the Italian system in India has worked hard, focusing on the transformation of its assistance and promotion activities from the classic to the digital one-to-one mode.

The last chapter of the documentary tells the assistance and aid operations provided by Italy to India - deeply affected by the second wave of Covid in 2021 - through the sending of life-saving medical equipment, oxygen, and professional training.

"A Special Year" wants to be a testimony on the ground of the sometimes unknown activities of our diplomatic and consular offices around the world. A story of assistance, commitment and hope.



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Quintan Barnes
Quintan Barnes
Oct 18, 2023

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